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Jason Ancona - Writer/Director

A Chicago kid, Jason grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons, reading ELFQUEST comics, and watching way too many movies.  Freakishly skinny in high school, Jason became a certifiable weakling his sophomore year when he lost an arm-wrestling match to a female cheerleader in class. 

He fled the cold to live in Los Angeles, where he started taking classes at UCLA to learn how to write screenplays. His first one, NOTCH 22, was a Scriptapalooza finalist out of over 4,100 scripts. Jason eventually graduated from UCLA's Professional Program in Screenwriting and continued writing scripts for nearly two decades.

Jason moved to Austin, Texas, knowing no one, ready to start his "Second Act Twist" in life.  He's still working a day job, writing, and working towards becoming an 18-year overnight sensation. 

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