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The Sext Crime | CYA : Covert Youth Agency Book 2

SNAP -- a girl sexts racy pics of herself.
She thought the fun shots would stay between her and her boyfriend.

SNAP -- an anonymous hacker hijacks her photos.
If she doesn't obey, she'll be exposed.

SNAP -- the Covert Youth Agency takes the girl's case.
The agents jump headfirst into Operation: Sext Crime. Their new client has less than a week to surrender to the hacker's ultimatum. Or else the naughty photos go "wide."

SEND -- a goon squad closes in on C.Y.A. members.
Agent identities may be unmasked.

REPLY ALL -- end communication. It's not safe.


Debugging Tori Redding

There are a couple things Tori's sure of:
-- People are stupid.
-- She will let them know.
There are a couple of things she's not:
-- Why her brain can function like a computer.
-- Why everyone's in such a rush to grow up.
There are a few things she's caught up in:
-- Starting the Not So Fast Club in school.
-- Issuing tickets to students on her own authority.
-- Helping her detective father solve a kidnapping case.


CYA : Covert Youth Agency, the Case of Tangled Love

An elite group of nerds fight injustices by running a clandestine operation in high school.  The C.Y.A. hacked into the digital school sign and posted their message:

- - - If ever you're in need of help and you have nowhere else to go, seek out the C.Y.A.  We're always watching and we're here for you - - -

"As I read this book last night, I found myself not wanting to put it down. I wanted to keep reading until the end. As I read, I wanted more and more to become a member of the C.Y.A. in my own high school. I wanted to go on missions with the characters." -- Chandler:  Shelfari Review


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