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Jason Ancona's movies and screenplays

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Tag Team Truckers

A dreamer unhappy with his job makes an impulsive decision to become a commercial trucker and tries convincing his anal-retentive brother to join him. Wrote, directed, and produced.


Dr. Cheapskate

An isolated doctor, burned by his gold-digger ex-wife, takes penny-pinching to the extreme until his friends force him out of his shell and to get back in the dating game. Wrote,

directed, and produced.


The Burning Dead

A sheriff must rescue an estranged family from a mountain during a volcano eruption and fight off a horde of lava-filled zombies brought to life by a curse. With Danny Trejo. Wrote and produced with Jeff Miller.

Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan


Horror take on the legend of Paul Bunyan.  -- Wrote and produced with Jeff Miller and Gary Jones.  2012 Shockfest 'Best Writing' winner and Audience Award Winner for 'Best Film'.



NOTCH 22 – Naive freshman pledges the wrong fraternity to win the heart of a girl. Scriptapalooza Finalist out of over 4,100 scripts.

TACKLING FANTASY – Fathers pit their sons against each other when they start a fantasy football league using high school players instead of pros. -- Wrote with Brady Dahl, formerly a writer on Sons of Anarchy. 

DISENGAGE – Charming guy breaks off engagements for parents who hate the groom-to-be. 

GORDY BEECH: METER MAID – Misfit meter maid and aspiring cop fights to save his mom’s trailer park from becoming a used car lot. 

THE GOOD OL' BOY BAND – Aspiring country singer loses his girlfriend to a boy band and starts one to win her back.

HICK HOP – Aspiring country singer loses his girlfriend to a rapper and becomes one to win her back (TGOBB take two).

HAPPY CAMP – Bitter worker is forced to attend a positive attitude camp by his boss.


STORAGE – Killer hoards bodies in a storage facility.  -- Wrote with Jeff Miller.

TV Pilots

THE MONARCH GUILD – An elite group of nerds fights school injustices by running a CIA-like operation in high school. The advanced placement “A-Team.”  

COLORING UP – An egotistical hedge fund manager loses everything, so he convinces his brothers, a pastor and a gay show-dancer, to let him live with them in Vegas. 

TV Specs

30 ROCK – “For Whom the
Ball Tolls” – Jack Donaghy becomes militaristic after watching A Few Good Men, forcing Liz Lemon to whip her sorry band of writers into shape.

ENTOURAGE – “Man-Eaters” – Vince and Eric deal with women they can’t handle.

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