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Ray Rosales - Dr. Cheapskate

Born? Yes. Raised? Sure. Acting? You betcha, unless you have another word for making face reactions and saying words to a camera. You don't? Good, acting it is. Ray is currently based in Pflugerville, but says he's in Austin because it's easier to spell and most people don't know what a Pflugerville is, or how to pronounce it, or that it has a silent 'p.' So I guess what I'm saying is that Ray is currently based in Austin and has been practicing the craft of making face reactions...I mean, acting for 8 plus years.  For Ray, the most rewarding parts of acting are the creativity, the truth of the moment, the story telling, and the occasional free food. 


Ray likes high fives and thumbs up. When he fists bumps, he doesn't make it explode like a teen aged hooligan, he pops it and then drops it like a man of elegant leisure.


Ray has never mastered a musical instrument, but if he did, he feels that an emotionally tortured keyboardist for a 90's era New Wave band that mostly specializes in performing ironic interpretations of New Edition hit songs would be a pretty good gig. Like, pretty good.


Sweet, Rocks, Salvation, Forever, Said, Don't, Shilo, Destiny, Noise. These are all descriptions of an artist's soul. Or they're just words from Neil Diamond song titles.

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