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The Sext Crime | CYA : Covert Youth Agency Book 2


"This book shows there are consequences for all actions even as teenagers, even the ones you think are innocent or the ones you do to protect someone.  The second thing I really liked (and this is as a parent). 

The parents of the kids in CYA are well-represented and caring parents." - Crystal: My Reading Room

"I was smiling and laughing the entire time I was reading The Sext Crime.  Tollhouse and Lightman had the BEST scenes.  Just having them in the same room together brought at least five minutes of straight-up-out-loud laughing (per scene!)." - Caroline: Bon Bons and Reveries

"What I can say is that the plot in The Sext Crime is fantastically written! If you are a fan of mysteries, this will be on that draws you in." - Jessica: Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile

"And dare I mention the important issue that Ancona has tackled with THE SEXT CRIME? Normally, I dislike books where the main storyline is the "issue" the author is trying to get across to readers. Ancona has done a great job of showing the dangers of "sexting" and the blackmail that can ensue from it, yet he has an actual story that is engaging and hilarious, and not too "Afterschool Special.'" - Jenna: An Avid Reader's Musings

Debugging Tori Redding


"Jason is the master with conversational banter. I normally don't laugh out loud while reading books but I just couldn't help it.  He really has an honest way with conversations. I think that's what separates him from the rest. I also could relate to every character. Let's be real here and admit a lot of times the smaller characters get swallowed by the plot and are forgotten by time the next chapter rolls around. That is not the case with Debugging Tori Redding." - Liz: Cleverly Inked Blog

"Debugging Tori Redding has a unique voice and there's a lot to appreciate, here. The family scenes are dead-on, the grief and denial issues are just right, and humor's always cropping up. Tori doesn't even realize how hilarious her intensity can be--part of it comes from her own natural stubbornness, and part of it comes from being raised in a house full of dudes. But Tori's aggressive side is one of the best things about her, and once she finds some balance, she's just about right. For sheer fun and interesting-ness, I'm going to go with: Grade: A-" - Tiger Holland: All-Consuming Books Blog

"Let me tell you, I was so impressed at the depth behind Tori's character. She isn't just a high school student who takes issue with loose morals. She isn't even just a girl with a computer for a brain. No, Tori is so much more than that. Tori is the lost adolescent trying to find her place in the big scheme of things. She is the girl who has recently lost a parent and is struggling to live in a house fueled with testosterone. Coincidentally she is also that character who still isn't sure how she stands in the world of relationships. Simply put, she's all of us." - Jessica: A Fanatic's Book Blog

CYA : Covert Youth Agency

An elite group of nerds fight injustices by running a clandestine operation in high school.  The C.Y.A. hacked into the digital school sign and posted their message:

- - - If ever you're in need of help and you have nowhere else to go, seek out the C.Y.A.  We're always watching and we're here for you - - -

"As I read this book last night, I found myself not wanting to put it down. I wanted to keep reading until the end. As I read, I wanted more and more to become a member of the C.Y.A. in my own high school. I wanted to go on missions with the characters." -- Chandler:  Shelfari Review


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